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Review List

Since I may not necessarily post reviews in chronological order, you might need quick access to different titles I have reviewed or talked about – feel free to browse this list!

2021 Releases

She Who Became the Sun
(The Radiant Emperor #1)
Shelley Parker-Chan, Jul 2021

The Chosen and the Beautiful
Nghi Vo, Jul 2021

The Jasmine Throne
(The Burning Kingdoms #1)
Tasha Suri, Jun 2021

The Ones We’re Meant to Find
Joan He, May 2021
Currently reading

(The Language of Magic #1)
Cari Thomas, May 2021

Witches Steeped in Gold
(Witches Steeped in Gold #1)
Ciannon Smart, Apr 2021

(Malice #1)
Heather Walter, Apr 2021

Carole Johnstone, Apr 2021

The Unbroken
(Magic of the Lost #1)
C.L. Clark, Mar 2021

The Shadow in the Glass
J.J.A. Harwood, Mar 2021

The Two-Faced Queen
(The Legacy of the Mercenary Kings #2)
Nick Martell, Mar 2021

Reaper of Souls
(Kingdom of Souls #2)
Rena Barron, Feb 2021

Winter’s Orbit
Everina Maxwell, Feb 2021

One of the Good Ones
Maika and Maritza Moulite, Jan 2021

2020 Releases

These Violent Delights
(These Violent Delights #1)
Chloe Gong, Nov 2020

The Stone Knife
(The Songs of the Drowned #1)
Anna Stephens, Nov 2020

The Burning God
(The Poppy War #3)
R.F. Kuang, Nov 2020

The Fires of Vengeance
(The Burning #2)
Evan Winter, Nov 2020

The Once and Future Witches
Alix E. Harrow, Oct 2020

Black Sun
(Between Earth and Sky #1)
Rebecca Roanhorse, Oct 2020

The Invisible Life of Addie LaRue
V.E. Schwab, Oct 2020

The Bone Shard Daughter
(The Drowning Empire #1)
Andrea Stewart, Sep 2020

The First Sister
(The First Sister #1)
Linden A. Lewis, Aug 2020

The Story of Silence
Alex Myers, Jul 2020

The Court of Miracles
(The Court of Miracles #1)
Kester Grant, Jun 2020

The Kingdom of Liars
(The Legacy of the Mercenary Kings #1)
Nick Martell, May 2020

2019 Releases

Ninth House
(Alex Stern #1)
Leigh Bardugo, Oct 2019

Kingdom of Souls
(Kingdom of Souls #1)
Rena Barron, Sep 2019

Gods of Jade and Shadow
Silvia Moreno-Garcia, Jul 2019

The Thirteenth Guardian
K.M. Lewis, Jun 2019


Where I talk about older *series* not reviewed pre-publication

The Poppy War series
R.F. Kuang, May 2018 – Nov 2020

The Witchlands Saga
Susan Dennard, Jan 2016 – present

Hooray Publication!

Posts celebrating new releases!

The First Sister
Q&A with Linden Lewis, Aug 2020

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