Jo Hernanto

B.A. Honours in Psychology

Alum 2020 University of British Columbia


A Chinese-Indonesian book reviewer with major identity crisis, and an unbridled passion in SFF (Science Fiction & Fantasy) as well as its underlying psychology. Primarily biased towards fantasy with a fascination towards dark storytelling.

I mainly rave about books on Twitter and review books in here and/or Goodreads. Nothing impressive, really.

On the occasion I’m not preoccupied with books, I can be seen:

  • Trying to find a job
  • Working with my undergraduate thesis supervisor to write up a paper (including my thesis studies) on gendered source misattribution in male-dominated contexts and how amplification may be an effective form of allyship to ensure that women receive credit for their ideas.
    • Feel free to reach out if you want to chat about it (although I will definitely be stumbling through my words a lot – after all I only have, like, one brain cell)