Spotlight: The Witchlands Saga by Susan Dennard

Truthwitch was a gamble read.

I legit flipped a coin deciding on it or another book in a bookstore in winter 2016/2017 of my first year in university – and ended up taking Truthwitch home.

To say I got hooked is such an understatement.

Come on, a world where magic is the norm and a princess is essentially a lie detector, on a run with her bestie from many absurd predicaments leading to something huge? There’s no way I was going to miss that.

The cover was awesome (especially the typography, the metallic feel of the logo), and the story was engaging albeit a more slow-burn one. It takes a slow pace, but each stroke is a careful, calculated piece in the domino as I went on to Windwitch and Sightwitch (It is essentially book 3, people!) – reaching its peak adrenaline in Bloodwitch. I could totally see the Witchlands saga as a TV series, with lots of action-packed sets abound.

Anyways, it’s not just the action that got me hooked. It’s how much Dennard manages to lure us in with her main leads’ electrifying dynamic with each other, and how their own characters progress through the many shits they go through. They are fully realised that not only do we get to know them in action, but also in more intimate moments and even humorous ones (Aeduan is petty, I swear to-).

So, what now? Why a blog tour?

A box set with cover refreshes is abound very soon!

Make no mistake, I loved the original Truthwitch cover but I can see how the updates can definitely appeal to Adult SFF audiences – and the Witchlands Saga honestly deserves that much love! It’s such a pure delight it deserves a more gritty, action-packed cover deserving of a place in Adult SFF titles besides titles such as Red Sister! I even heard the updated title logo is now embossed with foil (teal for Truthwitch, fiery orange for Windwitch, and blood crimson for Bloodwitch)! There’s no word for such an update for Sightwitch in hardcover, but I’m pretty sure it will be considered if this box set is a success!

Got to say, I’ll miss the interlocking sword look in the original Truthwitch but these are truly breathtaking!

Truly, Cliff Nielsen has truly breathed new life to this series with these new, gorgeous covers. If you are still on the fence whether to start it, now’s the time! It’s slow burn at first, but things truly kick to high gear once all the pieces are placed – and Dennard does not hold anything back.

(P.S. Aeduan in the Bloodwitch cover is just too hot for words, and Merik in the updated Windwitch cover is badass personified!)

You can preorder the box before it releases on October 8th 2019 in Amazon, BookDepository, or your nearest book retailer such as B&N and Indigo!

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